June 26, 2007

More ideas for the roof terrace

A pool on the roof terrace... would be a dream!
It will probably remain a dream as the roof will not be able to bear such a heavy weight. But the sunbeds could be realised.

Picture source: 'Basico' Design Hotel in Playa del Carmen, Mexico via Casa International Magazine.


  1. Oh those red and white beds! What a way to spend the day.

  2. Your blog is so delightful! I love this post...wish I could be there right now :)

  3. Ciao Katiedid and Kate,
    I am glad you enjoyed visiting the terrace.
    Instead of a heavy pool, a smaller whirlpool might do although I am not a fan of jakuzzis/whirlpools.
    I will scan and post a picture of one I saw in Greece (in a magazine).