November 02, 2010


Wow, more than a month has passed since my last posts (about the bathroom) and my yesterday post (about the stuccoed ceiling) !?

Our "contactor" Angelo, my father-in-law, has been back in Northern Italy for a break.

In the meantime, I have been busy setteling into our new home in Bangkok. We found a lovely appartment and moved in beginning of September :

new Bangkok home

In October, our son had his first break from school and we decided to visit our old home in Beijing, China for the first time since we moved away two years ago :

old Beijing home

 Now, we are all back on track. Me in Bangkok and Angelo in Pizzo. Last week, he "pushed" me to decide on the tiling and equipment in two more bathrooms, since he wants the bathrooms finished before the parquet laying. Of course I have thought about these bathrooms a thousand times and had many pictures collected in my files. But when it came to the selection of sinks, I realized that I do not have the exact measurements of the walls and the distances between sink and toilet etc. Also we had never finally decided on tiles or mosaic. So can you imagine, how I felt? Thousand of miles away from the construction site. My husband in the office and busy with other things. And Angelo who does not want to see mails and mails with my brainstorms, but just clear instructions?

It is a challenge ! And it's fun ! It is a project that distracts me from my (sometimes) boring day to day life. Although I cannot say that I my day to day life is boring yet, after having moved just three months ago to South East Asia. Probably it will never be boring. But for someone who has worked fulltime for almost 20 years, it is like a fun job ! I wonder what I do, when we have finished this project ?! But probably there will be always something to do ! I even might convert it into a B&B for holidayer from May to October.

Have you noticed the door got big bullen nails (borchia f., borchie pl.) !? (photo below).
And look, we got a door bell and plates with our names ingraved ! So you could ring the bell and if I would be home, I would open you the door and offer you an aperitivo... 
 in progress: Italian home  


  1. Very interesting to see your home in Bangkok. I'm commenting though on your thought about working for 20 years. This is my first year of what the English world likes to call retirement (hate, hate that word) but the Italians call pensionata (better). I have projects aplenty but I still suffer from the boredom of losing a bigger purpose. I have endeavored to substitute the purpose of learning Italian so that I may again find a larger purpose here, but the void remains. It's an interesting dilemma, isn't it?

  2. Oh I feel like I'm on the Silk Road! Your journey is so incredibly fascinating. You Bangkok place is sublime.
    Who knew Beijing had such beautiful streets? -- enjoy every moment.
    Cheers, Alcira

  3. Great to see you are back and you found such a fab place in Bangkok.! Looks like it was well worth the tough search...

  4. welcome back! it was time. I missed your blog so much even though I had fresh update by L.
    The Bangkok apartment is incredible, worth the time & efforts you put in your search.
    ciao cara.


  5. Many different subjects: from retirement to Beijings streets and BKK apt.

    Di and "G.": I think retirement or "pensione" can be handled well when one is ready or even has chosen it voluntary. But still, we need meaningful projects, can be small things or new challenges. And think of how many hard working (or fired) people envy you!

    Alcira: this beautiful street in Beijing was in our charming compound located in lovely Sanlitun.

    About my BKK apartment:
    yes, we were really lucky to find it! It was via a friend of a friend as no agent had it on offer!

  6. You have certainly lived in some interesting and exciting places so far in your life. I do not think you will ever get bored if you continue to look for the next project and challenge. After all what is life but an adventure.:)