August 23, 2010

another door: door frame and fresco

Remember this picture?
I liked the way they protected the fresco with newspaper.

Now the walls are painted and the door frame is placed and it looks like this:

The wall is reinforced. I am glad that it did not collapse together with this fresco. Although it is not very well preserved it shows clearly a woman, fishermen and the vulcano Stromboli in the background. We might have some artist who could restore the fresco. But it has its own charm in that way too.

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  1. It is a nice treat they saved it. Love the state it is in not too too strong...

  2. Beautiful door surround! I vote with Concrete Jungle to leave the fresco as it is, but perhaps find some way to protect it from further flaking. It certainly seems appropriate to the house.
    I have really enjoyed watching the gradual progress of making your home refreshed for another generation and more.

  3. I agree with concrete jungle and anonymous.

    We just need to preserve it from furhter flaking.

    Anonymous, do I know you? I like your comment about the next generations.

  4. ciao Suzie,

    leaving the fresco as it is, to me is the best solution. The house is full of these beautiful signs of its past history.

    How is Luca doing with school?
    Take care,


  5. I don't recall if I have ever commented before, Suzie. Perhaps a long time ago, but I am one of those "invisible" readers who enjoys watching the transformation of your old home, and all the careful thought it has taken to get there. I am Margaret Lambert, and live in Prescott, Arizona. I am (among many other things!) a retired antiques dealer who loves architecture...

  6. Thank you Margaret, my invisible reader, for showing up for a comment! I like this !