August 21, 2010

vote for window over door

Here is another decision to make:

We have here a window over the door (what is the exact expression?)
Inside is a living area and outside is the staiway.

We have three options:
  • transparent glass
  • opaque glass
  • coloured glass (elaborated somehow)


  1. Hi. It is call ed a Transom.

    I would do a clear reeded (ribbed) glass.


  2. Opague glass? Seems conterintuitive. Translucent?
    Anyway, Seeing the rest of your house, I would vote for a subtle blue colored glass.

  3. aha, thanks Razmataz, for the transom.

    I thought it is an easy decision and opted for transparent. As it looks not bad as it looks now.

    But other family memebers opted for opaque and or even for a colourful design.

    Opaque for me is necessary in bathrooms, but here definately not.

    If colour than plain, monochrom, as suggested by Diana and Guido.

    Thanks for your input!

  4. Yes it is a transom and it had a purpose. It opened from the bottom to allow airflow in the summer when the doors were closed at night. I remember there being a rod that would lift the window and hold it open

  5. Thanks Joann! You are so right! It is not only for the light - it is for air flow !!!

    So far we have not considered to have a pivot-hung window here. It seems to small for that solution. Also the areas on both sides of the door have lots of windows. But I will check with my FIL what he thinks.

    Thanks again for your explanation of the transom's purpose.

  6. absolutely translucent!