January 23, 2012

About acrylic Buddha Statues, Online Shopping and The Year of the Dragon

yellow transparent acrylic Buddha

From my actual hometown Bangkok, Thailand I am writing this. From the Italian side no news so far. Hence, I thought you might enjoy my weekend finds from Bangkok in the meantime. It was a spontaneous trip to the market on Saturday - during the Chinese New Year weekend.

small colourful acrylic Buddha statues

One friend had recently discovered a small stand that sells colourful acrylic Buddha statues. And me and another friend wanted to see where. So we hopped on a taxi.

The small statues are transparent or mat and have a kind of golden antique finish. However the larger statues look at least as good! What a difficult choice!

large acrylic buddhas with matt and golden finish

Via my iPhone I mailed my friend back in Germany this picture directly from the site, asking her which one she would prefer. This is a new dimension of online shopping! She opted for the orange one (that looks too golden in the picture above).

Two hours later I was already back home and did not only collected colorful impressions, but also some decorative objects:

The large orange Buddha 

Acrylic orange Buddha at night

small acrylic transparent buddhas in orange, yellow and clear

And since today is the first day of The Year of the Dragon, I am wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year form Bangkok ! The Dragon is seen as the most powerful sign of the Chinese zodiac. May it be a happy, lucky, healthy, successful and prosperous year for all of you!

Happy New Year of the Dragon from Bangkok

For a few more pictures from Chinatown please visit my Bangkok blog.


  1. I am hoping for great things in 2012 as this is my Chinese year! It is snowing here so I am enjoying staying warm and catching up with all my blogging friends.

  2. I love that transparent yellow acrylic buddha statue, where can I find one?

    1. Hi Daniel, you can find those in Bangkok's Chatuchak market.

  3. Etan boritzerDecember 15, 2012

    Hi, where do we purchase transluscent buddhas? Thanks! Etan@veronicalanebooks.com

    1. Hi Ethan,
      In Thailand one source it JJ Market or Chatuchak Market in Bangkok - but they can be found in little shops and galleries all over Asia