November 13, 2010

The Green Bath Room Ceiling with BEFORE and AFTER pics

amazing restored ceiling of the "green room"

At the beginning, when we overtook the house, there was only one room painted in "original" colours (all others were painted white). And that room became then our "green room".

Later, we decided to have a larger kitchen by giving in the space of the former bathroom. So, the new bathroom had to be part of the "green room". There was no way around, we had to remodel it by building in a wall and split it into two spaces. By doing so, the ceiling stucco pattern was interrupted. However, we decided to restore it as good as possible and even use the same colour scheme as before: pale green, and pale rose for the ceiling with white stucco ornaments.

And here is the result !

Angelo did again an amazing job ! Bellissimo ! Grazie !

walls are painted with "smalto" (water-repellent paint)

Below, see the BEFORE pictures :

I am not sure in which corner of the "green room" I took these pictures (above), since I took them some years ago... But when the wall was installed that separates now the coming new bathroom from a kind of side entrance and storage area, the pattern of the ceiling stucco looked like in the picture below :

ceiling stucco interrupted by new wall

my "photoshopped" proposal for Angelo

But he did a much better job ! What a surprise !

Coming next :
Walls: pale green and a darker green, eg. Pea or Saxon green by Farrow & Ball, for the lower part with a white stucco border inbetween the two colours. We have ordered mosaico tiles for the wet areas and terra cotta tiles for the flooring.


  1. I love your posts. I am so impressed with this restoration. It is fabulous.

  2. he did do a great job. is this a lower floor bathroom? is that why you need the water repellant paint?

  3. Angelo reminds me when we needed help for the restoration of our countryhouse. My father was always there on site as superadvisor and occasional help.
    Of course Angelo is faaar more than that.
    Incredible result as usual!
    ciao a tutti

  4. Ciao tutti,

    to Aspiring Kennedy:
    this bath is on the ground floor, but this is not the reason for the choice of water-repellent paint.
    We will not have tiles all over the walls, just in the shower area and behind the sinks. We thought it is better for a "wet" room, in case you splash more. And maybe it also helps to make the room appear brighter, when the paint reflects the lights.

    To Fiorella:
    Yes, it is amazing what Angelo does. Thank God, he loves the South of Italy and working with hands. He needs to be busy, you know that, otherwise he would restore more furniture or remodel the garden cottage in the North. So better to channel his energy towards Pizzo ;-)
    The best thing is: