November 28, 2008

About a Fellow Builder in Tuscany

Too late for Tuscany? is a new blog and it's about renovating a chicken house in Tuscany.

The posts read very interesting to me. The author is a fellow builder with same thoughts about plumbing and loos! Of course the house is not a chicken house, this is only the nickname and it is quiet big and also around 200 years old.

The blogger says about himself that he is 'a 40-something professional currently posted to Central Europe, now owner of a 'project' in Tuscany.

It changes a bit to read a 'male' blog about house renovation and probably soon also about decoration. The posts are full of useful and entertaining information. I can suggest this blog for everybody who wants to renovate or build in Italy (or elsewhere).


  1. Suzie, still laughing at seeing my blog featured on your site, thankyou, I am touched. Well, it seems my blog worked, ie to find kindred spirits, and to learn from those who have gone before me. So, keep posting as this dog is not to old to learn some new tricks. Ian

  2. Hi Ian,
    grazie! I am glad you like the post. I wanted to reply via email, but it is a noreply one.
    Looking forward to your next adventures!