December 10, 2008

update: golden chick on ebay - or how the lady of the palazzo starts to flog the family silver

The auction for my object d'or (I posted yesterday) is now open for bidding here on ebay.

What does it has to do with our renovation project?

Two things:
1) the workers are now - lets say - on winter holiday, ... so nothing much to write about (this post can fill the whole)
2) we have run out of money ... which means - we not only (see 1) sent the workers on winter holiday - but also need some cash.

So why not start to "kill a golden chick" ?!
Next I flog the family silver !!

Don't worry, we will survive - on a high level: with an empty, unlivable palazzo! - pity? - scherzo - the project (and blog!) just will take longer !

Back to my sale, the object d'art:
This shapely modern art sculpture is made in Thailand by a Thai artist. The object is of golden lacquered bronze(?) and black stone (probably black marble) - It is 30 cm high, 25 cm long and 18 cm wide. It is quiet massive and weighs 4.8 kilo. - The black stone pedestal measures 8 cm wide, 9.5 cm long and 10 cm high.
Starting price 39 Euro, shipping worldwide, ends 19.12.08 21:30:00 CET/MEZ.
More details on ebay.

Yes, this will buy ONE more hour work on the palazzo ... (IF after all!)


  1. It has a certain charm about it! But I think after my trash window find my husband would kill me (my last post). I wanted to tell you I almost broke my neck trying to peer down the into Pizzo as we sped past it on our way to Sicily and again on our way back last week. It looks like a very cute place, with some good beaches??

    Good luck with the bidding!

  2. Don't worry everyone I speak to has run out of money lately. I dare not add up my bills for our extension. Never mind there are people a lot worse off than us :)

  3. I added up my bills !!
    That's why I know !!!!

    And the chicken is selling... feeling already sentimental about giving it away !

  4. Hi South of Rome,
    next time you drive the freeway from Sicily to Naples, make sure to stop in Pizzo. Because of the tartuffo ice cream ! Beaches are not bad either: between the old town of Pizzo and Lamezia you can find many kilometers of sandy beach (ideal for kids!)