January 06, 2009

The New Year starts with New Decisions

Finalmente we got the long awaited drawings of our doors. Okay, after all the pictures we had I could have done it myself, but our architetto kept promising to do it for us.

And I am glad he did it. When it is visualized it is easier to imagine and to decide.

We, in the family, agreed on the design. But we have not decided yet whether we will have the borchie in ottone, the brazen bullen nails, on all three doors or only on the main door.

And when I started the discussion with my husband, who translated ottone first into the wrong German term - thanks to LEO I found the correct one, 'Messing', brass, I saw that there is not only the question about how many doors we do in that style but also:
Is brass the right material? I don't want it too shiny, non mi piace troppo lucido, maybe it is possible to have it more dark ...

....like in this door below:

or maybe also like this door, which seems to have brazen bullen nails:

I will email with our architect to ask his opinion and meanwhile I invite you for another voting! On the blog roll on the right (remark: if it is not there, then it is because of technical problems, sorry, please send instead your comment below, I try to fix it):

A: All three doors with decorative bullen nails
B: Only the main door gets the nails ?

FYI, the far left door leads to the guest apartment, the far right door is kind of a back entrance that leads to the kitchen through a storage room.

And here one more time the front view of the house to support the decision making:

Thanks for your help and once more Happy New Year , Buon Anno!

Above drawings copyright by Architetto Pino Pitt, Pizzo


  1. I couldn't find the survey - but I would do it just on the center door - the main door. that's my opinion! the facade looks so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm with CdT on this one, nails on all 3 would be overkill. Don't be surprised if you ever come to Tuscany, you may find the same doors on Chicken House.

  3. Hi Joni and Ian,

    thanks for the support! Me too, I think it is too much to do it on all the three.

    Overkill! Thanks for the word.

    BTW, Ian, I took some iron grid pictures in Venice. Maybe inspirations for you?

  4. I thought the penny would never drop with my builders when I kept asking for things to not look too new. They couldn't understand that I didn't want shiny things and sharp corners.

  5. I think only on the center door. It makes more of statement!!

  6. ciao cari, state tutti bene?

    I voted on the blog.I noticed we are on the same wave.( knowing you, I had no doubt) Too shiny new things are too much in a beautiful old palazzo like yours.

    Keep on going like this. ciao, baci