February 26, 2009

Tea in my Toilet and other bathroom deco

Today I went to another bathroom showroom to get ideas for a mirror solution (for our German bathroom) and to find accessories as towel hooks, toilet brush and toilet paper holders. Something you do not easily find in design blogs or magazines!

I like the window decoration (above) that I call 'tea in my toilet' (seen at Ottenbruch, Stuttgart-Filderstadt Germany). And I like the toilet brush set by Decor Walther. Although the brand name does not sound very sexy, they have some cool bathroom accessories.

Decor Walther brush set chrome / white porcelain (DW 6700), height 74 cm, foot Ø 17 cm, about 288 Euro - sigh!

More at their website:
Decor Walther
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  1. how funny! i wonder if the concept came about because of all the "foodie" scented bath products on the market now.

  2. Love that bathroom. Tea in the toilet looks perfect to me :)

  3. The aluminium table is part or the window decoration of the bathroom equipment showroom (by Ottenbruch, Stuttgart Germany).

    On top of the table were decorated nicely pink 'petit four' and two cups (for tea?).

    I asssumed that the table is provided by Decor Walther (however I have not seen it on their webside).

    I will try to find out.

  4. Not sure how I would like tea and cakes in my bathroom but it certainly makes for a great photo! Quite comical too! Those are pretty cool brush holders.