June 26, 2009

window draperies

Looking for various window dressing I came across this beautifully fabric by Nya Nordiska. "A combination of high-tech and folklore, results in this extraordinary decoration fabric Isabella. A parchment-like, almost stiff base with a sheen like mother-of-pearl is embroidered with fleece or Lurex yarns." It already won four awards for design and material.

Not less interesting is the curtain rod "Spannstange" an innovation from Artline by Nya Nordiska. This rod made of Ø 6 or 8 mm stainless steel is able to bridge mounting distances up to 5 m without intermediate brackets! "Following the trend to more delicate curtain rods Artline designed this excellent problem-solver" that was honoured with the Busse Longlife Award 2008.

And these clips that hold nonchalantly fine curtains are a cool alternative to the usual rings:

All above products are made by the same company which name sounds so nordic, so scandinavian. But, who would have thought, it is German !

Source: all pictures via website and brochure of Nya Nordiska


  1. Those clips are GENIUS! Now, I will not be satisfied until I have some of my own. Do you have some of your own? I love your blog--I have earmarked it now--today was my first glimpse of your fabulous world!

  2. Hi Amanda,

    I have two type of clips, one each as sample, at home right now.

    Advantage: you can hang any fabric quickly and arrange the distance (for tucking) and style by yourself - and you don't need much sewing.

    Disadvantage: they fit tight and might dammage or bag a thin fabric if you do not handle the fixing and unfixing carefully. Also the bolder clip (2nd from the right in the 4th picture) is expensive (about 17 Euro per piece ?!). However you do not need that many. The bolder one is easier to handle then the other clip that might bag the fabric.

    Anyway, I like the flexibility. It might make me change the colour of curtains for every season...

    BTW, I have seen your paintings ! Compliments, very interesting style!

  3. Thank You Suzie! I suppose it's a toss up if they ruin the fabric but you don't bear the expensive of having curtains made. I already have some little rings with clips attached that are inexpensive and they just hold drop cloths. I'm going to put that in my idea file for when it's time to upgrade. I hope you are having a wonderful day. It just started storming here in New Orleans and it's so nice. I actually found your blog in Bayou Contessa's blog list. Such a small world?

  4. I know the rings with the clip, they go usually with this wire. I love this!
    But the wire cannot go, like this rail (Spannstange), up to 5 m without support.
    I guess the designer needed to invent something new for their 'Spannstange'.
    I will post my solution, whenever it is ready. But this can take a while ;-)

    Here the summer has problems to start... but it looks better today!

  5. Great idea for sheers. Just be careful you don't stand on the fabric as it pulls the whole thing down :(