July 06, 2009

A bathroom in Sicily

I like this bathroom ! So simple but stylish. If you want to transform a room into a bathroom - this is the layout: build a wall to separate the shower and/or toilet. The floor looks like concrete or terrazzo. Cool atmosphere for hot summers.

This bathroom is located in Palermo, Sicily and found via interiors.


  1. i like this bathroom a lot, too, though i think it could use some things to warm it up a bit, but still keep the minimal look. maybe some simple candles and a vase of flowers?

  2. Josephine, you are right, it is a bit cool. - But maybe not for the hot summers in Sicily.

    What I would do to warm it up:

    1) no white paint for the wooden bench and the wooden shelf below the sink. Natural wood (teak, nut, wenge) would be warmer and still minimalist.

    2) Instead of the concrete floor you could use Marroccan style or Vietri style tiles that use brown, orange or other warm colors. Or even terracotta tiles if this is not too rustic.

    3) display of orange towels or bathrobes (although I always prefer white towels)

    4)different frame for the mirror (silver would look good but not warmer - or shells glued on a white wooden frame, just to add some nature)

  3. Totally agree - simple yet stylish