January 26, 2010

Preserving the entrance luster

The entrance luster - Part I

The only "interior" that came with the purchase of the house is a small old luster. As you can see in the pictures above and below it consists of a simple yellowish glass sphere and a wrought iron fitting. Nothing precious. Probably not even 'antique'. But special to me.

The small old luster is hanging in the entrance of our house. Althoug the house is called 'palazzo' in Italian, the entrance of the house is not an 'entrance hall' - it is a fair small entrance and this small luster fits perfectly here.

During the renovation work in the house last year, someone took the luster down. And as you can see it did not become prettier over the past three years. It became more rusty, got some paint on it and a lot of dust.

During our summer holidays we never really can go ahead with remodelling or renovation work, not even with much planning or choosing material as everything closes down in the South of Italy in the month of August.

But this rusty luster was in the storage room where we stayed. And one day I decided to not go to the beach and instead to do a tiny tiny restoration project : "preserving the entrance luster".

I cleaned the glass sphere and the wrought iron fitting and bought paint suitable for iron. The name of the paint was 'ferro battuto' (wrought iron) and looked almost black. However, it turned out a bit too grey. But I decided to leave it this way for now and to put it away, back into storage.


The entrance luster - Part II

This winter in Venice, my parents-in-law had a surprise for us: A luster !  Antique for sure and nicely elaborated. A flea market find from an antique market in the Veneto region. For the palazzo in Pizzo.

"But not for the entrance" I heard myself, the ungrateful daughter-in-law, saying.
"Molto bello, grazie , maybe for the dining area" I tried.

They were quiet disappointed. I gave up - with a smile - knowing my father-in-law, who probably will install this luster before our arrival in summer ...

flea market find -  to hang in our house, somewhere

Luster no. 2  is about 3 x bigger than luster no. 1. - Probably it would suit the entrance of a palazzo better than the small luster (although the entrance is small). But still I am attached to the first, the original one. It was the only interior object we got with the purchase of the house. And as we do a lot of remodelling I thought to at least preserve the entrance luster at its original spot, in the entrance. - What do you think ? Should I give the second luster a try ? And find another place for the 'original' luster ? Or vice versa ?


  1. Uhhh, very tough decision. I am sure you do not want to hurt anyone's feelings here, but... it is your palazzo after all and you have to live with the luster.
    I personally like the idea of putting it back where you found it when you bought the palazzo. I am sure there will be more than one room for the other luster to make a great impression.
    Good luck!

  2. Yes, tough call. Is there a special spot, maybe for reading, or just for you (an office?) that you could hang your luster? A tucked away corner maybe with a window seat to hang it over? I like them both so at least you have that going for you! They are both pretty!! -K

  3. I would be hard pressed to not reinstall the luster where you first found it. So, good luck with your decision! Just came upon your blog per a friend's suggestion. I'm enjoying reading about your experiences. Keep it up!

  4. ciao Susanne,

    to me yor decision to keep the original where it is, is just perfect!
    I like too the new one, but why don't you think to place it in the guest apartment? You can meybe hang it in the corridor or in the main room. From our visits I recall a high ceiling, isnt'it?
    But, wherever you decide to hang it, it should be a larger and wider room in comparison with the "small" main entrance.
    Ciao, baci


  5. Oh, please use the first one and send the second one to me. Okay? Really, you should try both and walk around each for a day or so. You'll know which one you'll prefer.

  6. Thanks for all your comments.

    To Fiorella:
    Ciao Cara, you are the one who knows the house from a few visits and I agree with you. The second luster is beautiful but probably too bold for the small main entrance.

    To me it might look best in one of the rooms of the second floor (primo piano): soggiorno, bed room, guest room or even bath room.

    Or on the stairways in the second floor. There is more room for it. This is still "entrance" somehow.

  7. So sorry for not being around much lately, manic busy with new Ghost stuff.
    Am taking some time today to do the rounds of the blogs and catch up - refreshing the soul
    Much Love

  8. I hope you kept the original…………….in its PLACE!