December 13, 2010

The Welcoming Entrance

After having written a lot about visitors - real visitors, virtual visitors, booked visitors, future visitors - just-in-time, the entrance starts to look welcoming :

view from inside

view from outside

BEFORE stairways

NOW stairways (wooden railway still missing)

BEFORE ceiling

AFTER ceiling

Actually, the first pinkish paint became somehow an apricot, peachy Bellini colour - not sure if this is due to a second coat of paint, on purpose by Angelo, or that it has to do with light / photo flashes. - BTW, the lamp will remain the same, remember?

BEFORE entrance

NOW entrance (during renovation)

man at work - Tonino preparing the last new marble step


  1. Suzie so very exciting, the renovation is just amazing!

    I hope you will come visit and enter my Giveaway from Fifi Flowers!

    Art by Karena

  2. ciao cara,

    Next summer I'll feel intimidated entering your palazzo. Can't wait to see and explore all the stunning works you have done.
    have a nice day
    Ciao Fiorella

  3. wait, is this a beach house or a mansion? it is sooo gorgeous!!!!!! the entrance way just floors me. gorgeous! and those marble stairs!!! it is all soo elegant. you must be getting so excited. I am!!

  4. Dear Suzie,

    I fear we are the "dreaded American couple" who asked permission to visit your Palazzo Pizzo.
    While it is true that we viewed your blog on the Internet (quite by accident, as we frequently check the web for news of home)our interest was sincere as my husband was born almost next door (Via Luigi Paladini 21). We have spent 38 years returning to Pizzo at all times of the year ,with our children and grandchildren. My husband and children grew up playing on this very site. We love and admire the beauty of the city and the welcoming nature of its townspeople. Your renovations are truly awesome. I hope this explains our interest and puts your mind at ease.

  5. Dear Anonymous Visitor,

    Thank you very much for commenting here. (I also replied to your other comment). I was waitung for you here on my blog! I guess you are back in Houston now?

    How lovely to hear your family story that acutally took place in our street! Amazing, your husband was born (almost) next door?! This is absolutely the best excuse to be curious and explore the whole street including the ongoing renovation at the end!.

    The welcoming nature of the Pizzitani ... mmh, well Tonino is one and Angelo became one - just me, rambling from far away ;-)

    I hope to meet you and your family in person next time! And be more welcoming in real life than virtually!

    Saluti a tutta la famiglia