July 16, 2011

Colourful Folly

From Angelo's pictures that he had sent via email I knew more or less how colourful the house would be. But he did not send me pictures of every corner .... he left surprises for us.

When I entered the house again after three months absence, I felt like Alice in Wonderland... And while opening and unpacking the last boxes and walking ten, twenty times in and out of the living room, I started to feel dizzy. Was this the summer heat - or was this the impact of all those colours?

I imagine painting so many walls and ceilings day after day, all alone, must have become more and more boring for Angelo. And I can imagine how he tried out one colour and another colour. He must have become more and more frantic when shopping for colours - it must have been a kind of colour flush that had overcome him!

"Colourful Folly", I thought, must be the title of a post to honour this work, conveyed from the German expression "der helle Wahnsinn", that leo.org translated into "plain folly".

I count seven (!) different colours

(the blue of the ceiling is different from the blue in the arch (which also is spatolato technique) and I counted the white (border, doors, radiator) as one colour.)

I have some chairs to upholster with some not yet choosen fabric... I guess it need to be very neutral fabric ;-) ... Usually I prefer white walls and play with colours of fabrics, paintings, ceramics, flowers etc. But okay, Angelo was our painting master in charge and this is the South of Italy. Lets first move in and see how it feels. Before getting crazy, I might have to find a brush, as Angelo always says...

the sunlight makes the colour of the window alcove shine brighter 


  1. Wow, that looks colorful! I can imagine you being a bit dazzled. ^^

    But I have to say I really like the light blue around the window. Makes all the difference.

    And dict.cc says "sheer madness". Sometimes english just hasn't got the right words, has it.

  2. Grazie Michelle! I am francophil (too) and that's why I have chosen "folly" ;-)

  3. AnonymousJuly 26, 2011

    I do understand that so much color is unexpected by 21st century decorating standards, but I think it does look appropriate in your house, given its' age, location and primary use in the summertime. I've certainly seen fabrics which would work beautifully with the color- rustic cottons, linen and handwoven textures would look marvelous. You can pick colors to emphasize, using the others as accents, and of course lots of white tempers the mix. Have some fun with it!