April 09, 2012

Sunshine and Hail

Sunshine and rain,
Sunshine and hail.
Today, Easter Sunday, we saw all four seasons. A strong wind blew clouds in and out again.

Buona Pasqua di Pizzo!


  1. Tell us about Easter dinner! Happy to hear you all made it safe and sound from BKK! Happy Easter to all.

    1. We had a nice Easter Lunch at my in-laws' place together with my sister's family. We were so hungry, and had too much wine that I forgot to take pictures. Also my sister was hiding some chocolate bunnies and gifts for everybody, we were quiet busy... And happy to nap in the late afternoon.
      For dinner we took the kids for a quick pizza/pasta in piazza.

  2. Hi everybody,
    well, a bit late but Happy Easter to you all.
    Cold, cold and cold, this is what we got as surprise in our chocolate egg.
    As compensation, last month we were sunbathing in our garden.
    Ciao ciao

    1. Ciao Bella,
      Buona Pasqua anche a voi!
      It is cold here too - outside.
      Luckily the heating is working (only little correction needed) and we have hot water!
      It is cozy in the house :-)