May 06, 2012

New York Times: Expatriate Bloggers Chronicle Details of Home Renovations

How exciting, Palazzo Pizzo, my blog and our renovation story was featured in The New York Times!!

The New York Times on May 3, 20122 (extract)

The full article can be found online at 

I was contacted by freelance reporter Roxana Popescu in February 2011. She wrote an email saying:
Hi! I'm a reporter, and tonight I came across your great blog and photos, and it gave me an idea for an article: expats who are renovating lovely old homes and blogging about it. I just got my editor's green light, so I'm wondering: Are you available for a phone interview sometime in the next few days? My deadline is Friday, so we'd have to talk soon.
And she added:
This would appear in print in the International Herald Tribune, and online in the NYT real estate section,
Of course, I am available for an interview for a story in NYT and IHT! - I was excited!

We did the interview via Skye soon after and she met the deadline. But then ... nothing. It took over a year until the editor gave the green light. Which was okay for me, since I had time to take more photos of Palazzo Pizzo and clean up the blog a bit for this highligt!

A couple more expat stories made it into the article. The home featured with photos is from British blogger MamaB in France, who writes Live Love Conquer. It was exciting to discover some new fellow blogger that way!

One day later, on May 4, 2012, the article was also published in the International Herald Tribune, the global edition of the New York Times.

The printed edition contains an additional "renovation blogroll" with more expat bloggers.

My post about hardwood flooring mentioned in the article can be found here:


  1. Hi Suzie, I am so happy to have found a fellow blogger renovator and how cool is it that we are in the IHT!

    1. Dear MamaB, I was so curious to see who will be the fellow bloggers in Italy and France Roxana had interviewed. Blogland is so big... Congratulations to your coverage, great job - and good luck with your kitchen!