April 08, 2015

The blog has moved !

our homemade postcard 

Dear Readers,

After all those happy years of blogging (2006-2015), here on this platform blogger / blogspot, I have moved my blog (to here).

Thank you Blogger.com !

Blogger is a great blogging platform. I always said that, and I still believe it is the best choice for bloggers: it's easy, flexible and free! It should be the first choice for starters. And I have helped others who needed a little web presence to get started with blogger.

The Guest Residence

Over the years, the blog that started out with chronicling our renovation project, has become more than a blog. It is almost a brand! ... After our renovation project was finally accomplished, we decided to rent out our guest residence. In the beginning it was just for fun. Then it became a good way to contribute to the running cost of the house. We even named the residence after the blog - somehow it seemed logical as it was all about web presence.

Growing and new focus

Since then, the focus shifted more towards travel information for travelers who want to spent days in Pizzo, discover Calabria, and live like an Italian in a vacation rental - in our Palazzo Pizzo Residence. But of course, I will keep blogging!

As blogger started offering 'pages' it became easy to organise a blog like a website. However, the landing page is always the blog. If you grow out of blogging, or it is not your main focus anymore, a new website might organise and host more different aspects of your 'brand'.

I did my homework, researched a lot, and wrote about all options. At the end, I decided to move from blogger to Squarespace. Their choice of templates is not too overwhelming while they offer the best designed templates. And you can combine the best of them. Further, their customer support is unbelievably fast, and their price is reasonable.

Stay connected!

Dear readers, thank you for connecting with me and the blog over the years. Of course, I continue blogging - at my own slow pace. When you have been already subscribed to the RSS blog feed  you don't have to change a thing. If not, subscribe now.

I also plan a newsletter - just twice a year - about our South Italian projects. Soon, we will have a soft opening of two more apartments in Pizzo! Exciting? Want to hear about it? You can also now sign up for for the newsletter at our new homepage (see footer).

Mille grazie, tanti saluti ed a presto


PS: This version of the blog on blogger remains accessible. You can use the search function and labels below to browse my posts. However, 99% is imported and available in a new look. See you there!