May 03, 2008

Interior Design Ideas for Beach Houses

It is quiet easy to decorate a beach house, if you want the outside nature be reflected inside your home.

Think of white beaches, turquoise sea, blue sky, green beach grass and palm trees, pinkish sunsets, beige sand, colourful parasols, blue and red stripes on boats and flags, shells, corals and fishes, pastel ice cream, sailing gear, anchors and marine wear... continue the brainstorm, and you will find lots of colors, textures, forms and objects that create an immediate sea side feeling.
For a beach house, even if it is used only during the summer months, keep in mind to use durable fabrics and material that can stand the humidity - the sandy feet and sometimes oily skins. Floor plan and furniture should be practical and functional as a beach house usually hosts many guests and often lots of kids.

Choose you favorite colours that reflect the sky, sea, sand, boats and sunlight found at the shore. Bright sunny yellow and all shades of white will bring light into your rooms. All shades of blues and greens mirror the changing hues of the water. Grey, ecru, and shades of beige from sand, stones and pepples complement these colors. Beach house design should be light and airy, creating a relaxing oasis away from city life. Colours can be arranged in geometrical forms, as often to be found in nautical flags. Stripes are probably most common, blue and white is the well known marine look. Think about colours and stripes not only for fabrics - maybe you want to try it out on a large white wall?

Usually, beach getaways are more casual than their city counterparts.  Rough and sturdy textured fabrics and carpets help to add the natural touch - that is also country style.

Furniture in a beach home should be durable and functional. Often, too, the furnishings must play dual roles, such as a coffee table with storage underneath or a sofa that becomes a bed for overnight guests.

Nautical items, such as lighthouses, fishing nets, boat robes, anchors and ships' wheels are all well suited for a beach home. Seashells and corals, too, can be introduced in jars, under glass, or in bathrooms on sinks and shelves.

For more beach house feeling watch this video from last spring:
Hither Hill Studio by Ralph Lauren Home


  1. On a vacation to the ocean, it's fun for the inside of the house to be like the beachscape, with the cliches of white and yellow and blue, seashells, beach pictures, etc. But if I had the divine blessing to live near the ocean, I might want the inside of the house to contrast. Deep rich colors, a bit more serious decor. A big table for everyone to eat together and welcoming comfort would still be essential.

  2. Are you doing beach style in your palazzo? I am fascinated.

  3. AnonymousMay 08, 2008

    I'm doing my reflections and dreams after reading your last post about furnishing beach houses. In case I should have a beach house in south Italy I'd like to furnish it with real modern taste. I mainly imagine it with white furniture, I mean tables, dressed-up chairs, couches etc.... That's should be very practical for frequent cleanings.
    And the decorations, such as objects, paintings, cushions would create spots of mediterranean colors. For me the ensamble is definitely stylish, fresh and relaxing; that's what most people in our age are aiming from a vacation site.
    A few evenings back I watched on TV a movie with Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Keanu Reeves (oh my God!!!) called "Something's gotta give". The location was mostly an incredibly stunning Hampton's house. It was typically "american" but the style was actually what I had in mind.
    If you get the chance, watch the movie and let me know.
    ciao ciao

  4. Thank you so much for your comments!

    Studiolo2, good point: living at the seaside might make you want to have a contrast.

    Di, are you fascinated or confused?
    I know, the word 'Palazzo' suggests elegance and style. But in our case it is more an old big house with 180 degree seeviews, so it could have a 'sea theme' decoration. - But I am not going to hang fisher nets anywhere! - Maybe "Beach Style" is not the right wording... I think more: JK Place, Capri - "Sea side style"

    Cara F.,
    I saw the movie - and the pictures of the living room are famous. It has this white sofa... I have to find the picture for another post... I am thinking blue and white - but you are right, white plaids, white sofa overthrows are easy to clean and have an "airy elegance".
    I am trying to convince my husband of white wooden panel flooring (at least under the roof).

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