February 03, 2009

To preserve the Old: Colorful Tiles

One day in the palazzo, I was wondering how the tiles under the layers of dust would look like... downstairs I found an empty plastic bag and opened the only water tap we had in the basement. Then I carried the water in the plastic bag upstairs and spread the water over the tiles in the future bathroom. With an old broom that workers had left I roughly brushed the floor, took pictures and went again to get water for the dusty tiles in the next room.

This is the flooring of the future bathroom, 'before and after':

The flooring of the master bedroom - before and after some rough cleaning:

The dusty floor in the soggiorno, living area - before and after some rough cleaning:

Only in these three rooms of the primo piano (first floor) we have this kind of colorful tiles.

The tiles of the future bathrooms (first 2 pics above) had to been taken out to install the piping and to reinforce the floor (full bathtub will be heavy). Also not all the tiles were in good shape. So at the moment we are not sure if we will lay the tiles with the flowers back into the same room or rather use them in another smaller bathroom downstairs. In any case:

I cant' wait to see these floors restored !


  1. WOW! I can't wait either!

  2. ooh those tiles look gorgeous i hope you're able to salvage them! looking forward to more pics ;o)

  3. My heart quickened looking at these pictures! How lucky you are!! They are truly beautiful.

  4. Grazie, the tiles look good even dirty - and hopefully not only dirty - I hope we will find a way to preseve the patina !

  5. Oh my!!!! Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea!!!!!

  6. Wow you are so lucky. We found some thick oak floorboards but they were beyond redemption as they were split and had pieces missing :(
    I am dying to see these tiles when they have been fully restored.

  7. wow! Haven't visited your blog in a while and I have missed it! Great to see how things are progressing.