June 07, 2007

Different Views

Today, for a change, I don't want to 'torture' anybody with too beautiful pictures from colourful magazines or websites. So I post two other pictures that show a bit more the real situation. I hope you still can dream of visiting Italy.

This is the basement or so called 'semi-interrato'. I call it Garden Floor, because of it's tiny green space. Nobody has lived here before. It was a storage for olive oil and handmade soap (probably not at the same time).
I like this floor best. But it also needs the most of the work to make it liveable.

And the next picture show you, why I had second thoughts...

The house hangs on the edge of a cliff, about 54 meter over the sea level...
The rock itself has been renovated and reinforced with European Community money. So I hope they did the right job. Maybe you can see from the photo that they insert a concrete plate under the house... The vulcano Stromboli and Vesuvio (Naples) are sourrounding us. It is an earthquake region, yes. Okay, the house is up there since more than 200 years. So, hopefully another 100 years would be fine for us (and our son's family).

Now, you can see what I mean by considering us crazy getting involved in this.
And this is one of the better pictures. I did not want to scare you off completely. Maybe you pass by one day and want to spend a night or two...


  1. Dear Suzie,

    Sorry, I am still tortured!

    It looks absolutely gorgeous.

    I recently told my father that I would rather live in a tent in Italy than the grandest house in my city. He told me that the grass is always greener...

    Best wishes to you and your family as you undertake this great adventure. I am sure it will be difficult at times, but worth it in the end!

    P.S. I wish I had an Italian Father-In-Law, too. The Italians always seem to have such a great sense of family and how to live life!

  2. wow. I love that photo of your house perched on the rock-cliff. As you said, it has been fine for 200 years without problem, that is a very good attitude!

    My husband won't even look at buying a house with a foundation that is 100 years old!

  3. I think that the cliff is absolutely fantastic and amazing. My only little fear is children falling off but that's probably ridiculous! It's going to be gorgeous!!!

  4. Hi Julia, I do not only have an Italian Father-in-Law, I also have an Italian Mother-in-Law! She would leave the beach a bit earlier than the rest of the family to cook lunch for us all... that makes the family holiday really nice and compensates for other, let's say, 'cultural' differences ;)

    Dear Maryam, I feel the same fear about the children, but only when I stand at the bottom of the cliff. In the house itself, we install higher gates on the balcony and terrace. So no problem for little children. It is more scary for boys that like to climb. In case we rent it out, I might handle it like many hotels at the Amalfi coast: no kids below 8 years :(
    By the way, I have already a 'booking' from a friend who wants get rid of his wife... (joking)

  5. Suzie,

    I love the thought of an Italian Mother-In-Law "leaving the beach early to prepare lunch". Oh. My. I can only imagine what a great lunch that would be. My Mother-In-Law is English. No offence to the English, but culinary skills tend not to rank high on their list of great assets -- I know, this is changing, slowly.

    I can only imagine what you mean by other "cultural differences" being made up for by those great lunches. Too funny!

  6. What an adventure! I must admit, I would be a little leary about the cliff, but it is a wonderful house! The basement room is wonderful.