June 03, 2007

Mood Board for our Project

Thanks to Holly Becker's 'Mood Board' contest on Decor8 I finally pushed myself to create a board for our palazzo project. It should help to define the right style for the house.

Here is what inspires me:

Here some more details from the board:

Shells in shells. That's how I could place our shell collection somewhere.

Sea view from the garden floor with iron gate.

Fresko over a door, painted by reputated painter 'Carioti', who has last lived in the house until he died in 1997.

Bouganvilla and cactus plants at the Restaurant Go, near Pizzo Calabro. That is how I picture my tiny garden on the rock.

Actually, the renovation has not started yet. Architects were supposed to make proposal, but nothing has happened in the last six month. Of course the main problem is that at the moment we are based on the other side of the world. However, my father-in-law will be on site in the next days and kick-off the thing. He will be there until we arrive in mid-July for a three weeks summer holiday.


  1. How absolutely fantastic. Congratulations! I will live vicariously through your blog.

  2. I will love checking in with your blog for progress on your project. I am renovating my house as well ( 1911 house in No. California.) Nothing quite as romantic as yours! Beautiful blog. Found through decor8.

  3. Wow! You are so lucky to be able to one day live in such a beautiful place. Congratulations!

  4. Julia, Katie and Jennifer, thank you for visiting and for your compliments!
    I am so excited myself about the project - and I still cannot believe that we acquired this amazing house on the edge of a rock. But as you said before, Julia, life is short and it is more fun if you do some crazy things...
    I am happy to keep you posted and share the big dream.

  5. I cannot wait to watch the progress of your house. I love all of the possibilities you have come up with....especially the basement. I applaud your ideas about the wallpapers as well. I spent lots of time in Puglia and during that time I took a roadtrip ending in Ostuni. Everything is so beautiful there.

  6. Suzie,
    Hi! I found you through Holly at Decor 8. Great mood board and great project! I can't wait to see more pics! It should be fun in July to go there. I love Italy!
    Please keep us updated!

  7. Suzie,

    Yes! I am tortured by your blog! Almost too much to write about! I can't believe you have acquired this amazing property. I wish you only good luck and best wishes. I dream of visiting Italy one day. My husband tells me I will love it.

  8. Wowza! I want a mood board too but can you believe that there is no core foam board here in Marrakesh?!

  9. Maryam, be creative! I bought the Chinese Elle Decor and found this big cardboard inside to stabilize or make the magazine seem bigger. So I calculated the inches in centimeters and found out that this is the right size for the contest!