July 10, 2007

Another Renovation Story

Last summer I read 'The Reluctant Tuscan' by Phil Doran. Doran is an American author and script writer (originally) based in Hollywood. The book tells his own true story and starts with a phone call from his wife... She just bought an old, unlivable 'rustico' in Tuscany, Italy.

Their adventure of renovating this property is a light and funny summer reading - interesting for everybody dreaming about settling down in Italy.


  1. I'll have to check out this book, though in truth, your blog is doing the trick just fine for me right now :)

    Your home is positively dreamy, the city is divine...my jealous flag could not be flying any higher right now. Please keep posting!

  2. Erica, thank you for your encouraging comment. I checked your blogS and saw you went to Italy for your honeymoon - including Amalfi Coast. That must have been magic!

  3. What a dream that would be...to settle in Italy! I will have to check this book out :)

  4. Yes...we went to Italy for two weeks and it was completely magic. Just looking at pictures of Postiano now makes me tear up. I absolutely love it there and in my wildest dreams I fantasize of one day doing what you are embarking on. For now we are stuck in Brooklyn!

  5. Havn`t read it....will get it