July 08, 2007

Italian Kitchen Talk

Actually, there is no kitchen in the house. And the area where the kitchen used to be is a bit small, at least for Italians which spend half of their lives in the kitchen...

So we opt for taking out another wall in favour of a spacious and open family kitchen.

My argument for an open kitchen: if you have guests and do not have an open kitchen, you miss half of the conversation.

Here are some dreamy solutions:

The last kitchen is from Boloni, a Chinese-Italian joint-venture in Beijing, China. Boloni's website seems inactive at the moment (www.boloni.com.cn). But I can tell you that Boloni is known for its high standard kitchens that are produced in Beijing since 2001. They are developed and designed with the support of German and Italian designers - and with the Chinese talent of copying new technologies of the west for less money.

As we still live in Beijing, it is an option to buy a kitchen here and then ship to Italy.


  1. Love these pics! I agree with the open kitche, we are removing a wall too that seperates our kitchen from our living room. Keep us posted on your progress :) I esp love pic # 1.

  2. I am redoing my kitchen too, and have taken out a number of walls to open it up to a larger Family Room space. I agree with the more open plan! Yours will be wonderful!

  3. We just moved into a place with an open kitchen and I love it. I love the blend of modern and rustic in your selections here, especially the top two. How lucky that you have authentic rustic!

  4. Ladies, thanks for the comments. Remember, the first picture is the real situation. The next three are from magazines - so just my/our dream. How it will look at the end... I do not know but I hope nice like in picture number two, a bit rustic, but modern enough to have convenient 'features'.