July 04, 2007

beds, beds, beds

Classical bedrooms in Hotel Particulier, Arles, France via Desingers Block and bedroom in Casa Fresco, Florence, Italy

Tropical bedrooms in private villa and Burirasa Resort, both Koh Samui, Thailand

Bedroom via Marie Claire Maison and a bedroom in private villa in Phuket, Thailand

Bed from B&B Italia (AC) and bedroom via AD magazine

Bed by Lambert, bed milleunanotte, steel bed, wooden bed by Maitland Smith, bed Arezzo by Niermann Weeks, Louis XVI canopy bed

It is crystal clear, that I want a 4-poster-bed. And I need a good picture for a carpenter in China, where we actually live.

Designers Block
Hotel Particulier, France
Burirasa, Thailand
Marie Claire Maison
B&B Italia
Lambert, Germany
Sorry, for the incomplete source

More beds at my flickr set for interior decoration.


  1. I love my four poster! Wasn't sure until I got it if I would like it. It is from Bali and has a caned headboard. These are great pictures.

  2. These images are so beautiful...I would love to any of these in my bedroom. Great post :)

  3. Yes.....dreamy with a bit of fantasy

  4. Suzie,
    O.K. Finally, blogger is letting me post! I say yes to four poster!
    Yes to old fashioned tub.
    Yes to large mirror on the wall - perfect reflection.
    Yes to tearing out all the walls if you can- save those doors tho! They could be used for many other things.
    Yes to 3 doors and not 5 to keep the heat out.

    Can't wait to see progress.
    Thanks for letting me see a little piece of Italy. I LOVE it there!

  5. Thank you for all your comments!

    my only worry about the four poster is that it is a bit unstable. Maybe I am wrong. Do you use moskito net or other fabric?

    Girl meets glamour,
    me too! I only slept in the one at Burirasa, and the moskito was not too close to the bed which was perfect.

    gypsy purple,
    ... dreamy and cosy, when the ceiling is so high, you feel more confortable with a more close 'roof' over your head.

    did you have problems to comment on blogger? How come?
    Thank you for your very detailed recommendations! You have studied well my blog ;-)

    I am looking forward to read from all of you again soon!

  6. I love all of these beds! I have been wanting a four poster bed.

    In answer to your previous question, I studied mainly in Florence and Rome, but traveled all over: Venice, Siena, Pisa, Naples, Milan, Capri, etc. I dream of moving to Italy in the future and I will continue to do so through you for the time being.

  7. Mandy,

    you probably spent more time in Italy than me!

    I am glad you can feel a bit of Italy through my blog.

    One more week and I am going to be on site. And I will post some local impressions.