July 03, 2007

baths, baths, baths

It is crystal clear, I want an old fashioned iron bathtub.
Accordingly, the sink, toilet and bidet should be slightly classic.
Tiles on the wall, I would use only in the wet area and half way, like in the pictures 1-4, 7.

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  1. I love a claw footed tub! We had one growing up that my mother painted green on the under side. Very fun.

  2. Yes, I've wanted a claw footed tub forever now. I love these pics...number 1 is my number 1 of these :)

  3. Claw footed tub, that's the right expression! Thank you. - In China they are on sale for about 400-500 USD, I think this is a good deal, isn't it?

  4. By the way, no 1 picture is from www.realsimple.com via Decor8.