May 22, 2007

Wallpaper for the Bathroom

I think, wallpaper in the batroom or guest toilet would be kind of chic. If you do not agree, maybe just one wall? Imagine sea-theme wallpaper, blue and white ... this might be something special. Again, it is wallpaper from Thibaut.

Pictures: 'Nautilus' from the 'Resource II' collection and 'Chairs' from the 'Barbados' collection.

All pictures are from Thibaut.


  1. love the coral/blue bathroom. going to do this in my bath. Love your house and look forward to your progress. If only I had all those breautiful rooms to paint/decorate. ! How fun
    Mill valley Ca

  2. I am not an interior designer but I love to be creative and my husband has a good (italian) taste. So together, we will have lots of fun (and discussions). I think he would not like wallpapers. They are not cheap either, but they create a great atmosphere. And they are cheaper than some paintings...
    I have to see the house again in summer to 'feel' the different rooms at different hours of the day.