August 08, 2007

Holiday's Favorites

The vacation in Calabria is over and I am sorting the pictures. I detected three favorites:

This first picture is not from this summer. It shows bathing people at Pizzo Marina around 1930! The photographer is unknown to me. And I thank Signore Franco R., who provided me with a disk full of interesting and old photographs from Pizzo.

This sunset was shot by my husband from the Piazza in Pizzo. I really like the colors - I think he has some talent...

Number three is taken by myself while I was sitting and waiting on the doorsteps of the house with the B&B Antico Terrazzo by our architect. What I like in Pizzo are all these small alleys that remind me of the old town of Naples Santa Lucia.


  1. Hi Suzie!
    I love your photos, especially the one of the stairs. It really tells a wonderful story.

  2. What a lovely photo of the sunset...and oh, how I miss Italy when I see number 3 (I stayed in Florence for some time studing architectural a few summers ago)...


  3. Hi Katie, Hi Kate,
    thank you for your compliments.

    Kate, you must speak better Italian than me. Studying architecture in Italy, that sounds very romantic to me!

  4. I couldn't stop taking photos of the motorcycles and alleys in Italy. It was addictive. Interestingly, this picture can many iconic items that encapsulate Italian culture: religion, charming antiquity, motorcycles, something black (but of course) a walkway and stone stairs. Terrific photo!

  5. Hi Franki,
    thanks for the comment and your invitation to an interview.
    Actually, i like that photo because it is sooo Italian.
    I was sitting on the door steps and waiting for my husband and could not believe my eyes when I realized what great motive I have in front of me.