August 17, 2007

Vietri Ceramics for Mediterranean Style

When in Italy we had to choose tiles for the balcony and terrace. This was when I learned about the colourful Vietrese ceramics (Ceramica di Vietri) that spread instantly Mediterranean atmosphere. I am sitting here and browsing through the beautiful catalogue (215 pages!) from Francesco de Maio, one of the famous producers of Vietri ceramics. I just wanted to scan the most beautiful pictures but also show the variety of colours, shapes and sizes they offer. So I have a total of ten pics:

Vietri tiles make your kitchen look rustic. It feels like being on holiday everyday.

Listelli are the decorative borders you can add for a perfect look. In the kitchen (above) or in the bathroom (below).

The blue bathroom above shows perfectly the way Italians use different shapes, sizes and colours of tiles to create a unique pattern. You can do the same at home, no need to have Vietri tiles.

For our balcony and terrace we choose similar unicolored tiles, kind of water-air-colour from Fornaci d'Agostino (see picture below).

Of course you can also order panelli, different Mediterranean motives to decorate your walls in the kitchen or in the garden.

And you can have motives for the floor. Above two examples to use for a terra cotta tile floor.

There is no limit for fantasies. You can use Vietri ceramics for your table. Perfect for the garden, rain and sun resistant. Above the very classic colours yellow, blue and green - and on the right a more modern fresh alternative.

(If you want to know about the production technique click on the above picture, the English text is on the right below.)

Have a great weekend and thank you for dropping in.

- All pictures from Francesco de Maio catalogue 2005, Salerno, Italy -

And once more the picture from our future terrace tile with matching listello, both from Fornaci d'Agostino.


  1. Oh! These are lovely! I especially like the solid colors - they look like watercolors!

  2. Hi Katie,
    I am tempted to put these ceramics all over the place: every bathroom kitchen, floor... I have to stopp myself... - I just added an 11th picture showing the ceramics we have choosen for the terrace and the balcony (balcony without border).

  3. What I would give to have tile like this available here in the US, cause these are so amazing! I think your selection for your terrace and balcony is lovely! Can't wait to see final result, keep us posted :)


  4. Hi Kate,
    they don't sell in the US?
    Maybe we should start a business?
    At least you can do the different size and shape thing with unicolour tiles.

    Thanks for keeping visiting!

  5. Thank you for having left a comment on my blog . I love all these ceramics ; yOUR CHOICE IS GREAT . But I love also so much the " panelli" .
    Your blog is wonderful .

  6. Suzie, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I think your blog is fascinating and will add it to my daily readings.

  7. Suzie,

    These look so amazing! I like your choices for the terrace and the balcony, it will look like part of the water.