August 31, 2007

Point of Departure

When I was in Pizzo this summer, I posted that the house looked worse than last year when we bought it. Did you read that? Did you believe me? Those of you who still associate the Italian word palazzo with a glamorous palace got the wrong idea.

In Italian casa means 'home'. It can be a 'house' or an 'apartment'. A villa is a big house with a big garden. And a palazzo is a big house with no garden. Italians have nice sounding words for simple things and our palazzo is far from glamorous.

I reported that almost all window glass was broken. Probably kids threw stone at the windows. Of course some of the glass was broken before and all windows need to be replaced anyway.

Wild plants are growing on the floors of several rooms inside the house. Outside they grow on the walls as well as on the terrace and the balcony. Rain water is following their roots. We need to isolate the house well to avoid the penetration of rain water.

And last but not least more graffiti was on the doors.

I hope that all this 'wildness' will fade soon after we have the permission to start the renovation works. The permission is expected to be given in September. Let's see if the architect can keep his promise :)


  1. I send you an email but it came back to me so I send you by this way
    Hi Carraol,
    I've listed you as one of my 5 recommendations for World Blog Day. Here is my post.
    I would like to add a little picture form your blog , if you want to , please send me a picture or let me know I'm abble to pick one in your blog

  2. Ciao! Through Mélanie, I see that you're also in Calabria--I'm on the Ionian coast! I look forward to getting to know you better :)

  3. Such an exciting, international life you have led! I hope that you will get the opportunity to explore your inner artist more at your home in Italy. I can't think of a better place to do it!

  4. Bonjour Mélanie,
    thank you for mentioning my blog on World Blog Day, that I missed myself... for my favorite blogs, follow my blogroll. And of course you can any pic you like to add to your post.

    Buongiorno Sognatrice,
    I LOVE your (very popular) blog!!! I am so glad that you left me a comment. I need more time to read all your posts.
    I think we have a lot in common ;-)
    A presto, ciao bella

    Hi Melanie,
    you are right! I keep thinking in which room I could settle my 'atelier'. And I think that I might paint outside on the roof terrace, once everything is done.