August 28, 2007


Pizzitani who had to leave Pizzo must feel homesick for the rest of their lives, until they can come back to this special place on earth between the sea and the sky.

I just came across this picture (I am working on our bathrooms, yes me too) and I stared at the photo for several minutes... thinking of all the Pizzitani (people from Pizzo), who had to leave this beautiful place on earth to find work somewhere else. And lucky Pizzitani who live here and cherish the value of life in Pizzo.

(Picture courtesy by CC, my husband)


  1. Stunning photo! What a breathtaking view.

  2. I once was listening to our public broadcast radio (Canadian Broadcast Corp) CBC, when they were talking to an old Italian gentleman who had left Italy as a teenager and had been cutting hair as a barber in Toronto. For FIFTY YEARS.

    Now I don't know if you've ever been to Toronto or not, but I live five hours north and the weather here is just horrible, horrible, horrible. It is just as horrible in toronto. Hot, muggy summers and intolerably cold winters. Maybe four months without frost. If you're lucky.

    I remember crying at the THOUGHT of a man being born in Italy but having to live away from Italy for his entire adult life, especially in a climate and landscape as bleak and horrible as Toronto. It makes me sad. Sad, sad, sad. The Italian barber said he would return to his beloved Italy for retirement, but I kept thinking that life was just too short.

  3. Hi Anne,
    thanks for visiting! I wish I could paint like you!

    Hi Julia,
    I have been in Toronto, about in Summer 1983, but just one night and not much more than a day. I remember the waterfront, probably the best part of the town. The weather was okay though.
    But I totally understand what you say. - And there are so many Italians which have to look for work abroad.
    In Germany we have hundreds of thousands of Italians working, but for holidays they go back home. At least Germany is not that far from Italy than Canada is, although the weather seems not much better.
    In case of Calabria, where it is especially difficult for young people to find work - there is almost no industry - many also just go to Rome for work. But still, it is not home, there is no sea.

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