August 26, 2007

I was Tagged

I have been tagged lately by Katiedid and South of the Sahara. Thank you for showing interest in the blogger behind this blog. I owe you answers.


- I am very happy and thankful to have seen a lot of this world. I am German and have lived 32 years in Germany before moving for 5 years to Thailand. Now, I am living in China since 2 years. For my work I have travelled to over 20 countries, where I spent a month in average. My favourite countries are Ireland, Thailand and Italy. My favourite city for many years was Paris.

- It happened to me to fall in love with an Italian whom I met in my hometown Stuttgart. He looks more Scandinavian than Italian and I am the one with the ‘Italian’ temperament in the family.

- I do not care about brand names and I own less pairs of shoes than my husband (well, he is Italian).

- I suffered from asthma when I was little. For many years I could not run as much around as other kids because I could not breath. With swimming, lots of swimming and even more swimming I was cured when I was about 11 years old.

- Although I was a real good and talented swimmer, I was playing tennis daily for many years and I loved skiing, I have lost my interest in these sports. Maybe I have overdone it. Maybe I am just too lazy.

- I met Keanu Reeves in person once. He looks even better in reality than in the movies or pictures. Although he has a fantastic voice he does not talk that much - same as in the movies.

- I am ‘collecting’ languages. At school I learned first French, then English and Latin. French and Latin helped me to learn other languages like Spanish and Portuguese (which I lost after not using it). I learned Italian to be able to communicate with my new family (which made me loose my Spanish). I know some words in Japanese, Bahasa (Indonesian), Dutch, Swedish and Danish. Nowadays I am trying to learn Mandarin as every other foreigner living in China does. Besides my German mother tongue, I am best in French, I think.

- Although I dreamed of becoming a graphic designer, painter or writer I choose to study the more ‘safe’ economics. 20 years later, I am now changing my ‘destiny’. Two weeks ago a resigned from my old job (that was on hold) and feel free now, to do what I always wanted to do. First of all I am writing in blogland, here and there. And maybe other dreams will come.

I found eight things about me. So I am done. Who else wants to join the game? You are tagged, tell me!


  1. Hi Suzie! Thanks you for the link to your other blog! You are quite the interesting globe trotter! I am teaching my girls to have more than one language also. I have lost my French and wish I had kept it up. I'll visit again soon! And your other blog too.:)

  2. Hi Katie,
    thanks for nice words. The thing with languages is that you need to practice or you have to grow up with one to not loose it. The thing with my French is, that we spend all our holidays of my childhood in France and I had French friends we went skiing with every winter. They lived in Paris, so I went visiting them at least twice a year and even went to school with my friend in Paris. So I always knew more French that we learned at school. I was very confortable and proud - and I loved loved the language. And Paris! I always cried when I had to leave the city. Back home I used to put the French radio on and sip hot chocolate from a bowl and close my eyes to imagine I would be in France...
    So sometimes I regret that my husband is not French because then I could answer my mother-in-law faster... ;)

  3. hey Suzie
    All this time I thought you were Chinese and you're German... I am of German heritage and SO pleased we share that link! Enjoy the renovations and keep the superb blog up!

  4. Hi KBD,
    tricky me... mmh?
    I am glad you are not disappointed!
    Thanks for your kind words.

  5. Suzie, maybe blogger will let me this time??

    I didn't know you had another blog! Now another one to bookmark to read up on. Congrats on the new life -what are ya gonna do? I also left my job about a year ago and I love having my days my own.


  6. Hi Cheryl,

    thanks for trying again.
    Since January my son goes to kindergarten until 3.30pm, so I have lots of free time (finally) and can do what I like... it feels like being on holiday every day. I just enjoy it. I am so lucky. But I need to develop some discipline for painting. And I am trying some writing on my blogs.
    What about you?