August 23, 2007

South Italian Facades and Doors

When you have to choose a color for your house's facade, windows and doors, you look around to get inspired. So I looked around in Pizzo:

We are also a bit restricted by the village's regulations for the historic center. The window frames should be brown. Most of the palazzi have another frame on the facade around the windows which is painted white. That makes the facade look even better than white window frames framed with white color. Some facades in the mosaic do not match the (new?) regulation.

(Remark: picture no 3, first row is taken in Tropea, another village with other rules for colors of window frames and shutters).


  1. I love this mosaic of pictures . Calabria looks wonderful.

  2. Salut Mélanie,
    Calabria is wonderful! The sea, the landscape, the villages, the people, the food, the sun...
    Almost like in Provence... but, I think, life in Calabria costs a bit less.

  3. Oh, your photos of Italy are making me drool! I haven't been back for 5 years now and am having withdrawal!

  4. Hi Anne,
    many painting motifs, right?
    Thanks stopping by, maybe in the meanwhile my photos can help out.
    Have a good weekend

  5. I love your Blog and thanks for adding me to your "Inspiring Blogs" list. You are on my also.

  6. Hi Patricia,
    thank you! Very kind of you. See you here and there...

  7. hi Suzy
    I am a huge fan of your blog... so I've just tagged you!