April 28, 2012

The First and the Last

Although, the weather this April was not very gentle with us, we enjoyed the sweet, delicious and refreshing temptations of Italian gelatiere often enough.

My first strawberry granita of the season:

A granita is a semi frozen Italian dessert of sugar, water, and flavorings. My favorite flavours are forest berries and lemon flavour. During the almond harvest an almond granita is very nice too. Originally from Sicily, they are also very popular in Calabria. According to a legend, granita was accidentally invented by a sherbet seller who left her ingredients on ice too long.

My last tartufo in April:

It is said, that the famous tartufo di Pizzo was invented to honor the visit of Italian Prince Umberto I of Savoy in 1943. All gelaterias in Pizzo, there are at least 20 something, offer the famous tartuffo nero ice cream desert. It consists of half hazelnut and half chocolate ice cream with a heart of melted dark chocolate, covered with cacao powder. Every single tartufo is handmade. And very gelateria has its one recipe. So, if you ask a Pizzitani, who is making the best tartufo ice, you will hear lots of different opinions.

Since Belvedere was closed on Tuesday, our last day, we went to Ercole. I must say, I like their tartuffo very much! There is a lot of yummy melted chocolate inside. I almost forgot to take a picture, that's why you only see the remaining half.

Bye Bye Italia for now - we will be back soon!


  1. Dear, It looks like you are becoming a Pizzitana too! Do you mean it's worth to betray Belvedere for Ercole? Lucky lady!
    Gardening today here, 30 degrees and then some relax in the sun.

    ciao ciao

  2. ooh, i've actually always wondered what was in the tartufo dessert. thanks for the anatomical breakdown- it sounds like something i definitely to get to know. pizzo sounds like a great place to become a connossieur. :)

  3. To Fiorella:
    I had no choice ;-)
    Tuesday, Belvedere is closed. Every gelateria has to close one day of the week. So I was "forced" to choose another one, and of course, in the afternoon sun with the view over the piazza, Ercole is the best alternative. But, I did not dare to write that I thought their tartufo might even be better than the one from Belvedere. I need a second try!
    And actually, to really find out, you need to have both in front of you and make a test... mmh, we could do that this summer on my terrace and write a review, how about that? A Tartufo Tasting Event! Of course we would invite my neighbour who insists that Belvedere has the best hazelnut ice cream. And others who claim to be connoisseur or want to become connaisseur.

    To Aspiring Kennedy:
    You are totally right - the best tartufo all over Italy is from Pizzo! You should join our "tartufo testing event", scheduled for this summer (see above). Details will follow :-)

  4. Hello Suzie:
    You do seemed spoiled for choice with so many wonderful places to eat and sample delicious food. The granita looks particularly good, especially as we write it is nearly 30C here in Budapest and a cooling dessert would be just perfect.

    We have never heard of or sampled a tartuffo. Clearly, we have a treat in store when we discover it one day!

  5. Hi everyone, I am back in Bangkok, and here we have the hottest hot season in 30 years, battling with temperatures around 39 degrees Celsius. The ACs hardly can cope with it. A granita now, would be nice indeed. Maybe I will try to make a mango or papaya granita, and share the recipe.

    And to Hattatt": I can say, if you like chocolate, a tartufo worth a trip to Pizzo!