April 18, 2012

A Moment of Total Happiness

I was sitting on my balcony in the warm morning sun. Already happy, since the weather forecast had falsely predicted another rainy day.

I had put my feet up on the blue railing, holding a mug of hot caffe latte in my hands and was watching the sea.

There was no wind and the sea was calm. It was a peaceful morning and I enjoyed the sunshine. Everything was perfect. Nothing was missing.

And then I saw them. Two dolphins, swimming side by side. They were not jumping - just coming above the surface so that I could see them before diving back into the sea. Slowly, peacefully, almost lazy, coming up and going down again. I saw their backs and fins. It was so beautiful, so perfect. Just in front of me, about 100-150m from the shore.

I had tears in my eyes, so overwhelming was this moment.

I was alone, I had no one to share this moment. My husband had gone jogging and my son was still sleeping. The guest had left already. I called my son out of bed and a couple of minutes later he appeared sleep drunken on the balcony blinking into the morning sun, but the two dolphins were gone.

I felt absolutely happy, excited and thankful for this precious moment.


  1. Hi cara,
    reading this post, it came back to my mind last time I saw the dolphins in the Mediterranean sea.
    3/4 summers back, we were on the ferry Calabria/Sicily at sunset time, enjoyng the breeze and the stunning view. All of the sudden we saw an entire biiiiig family of dolphins and believe me the baby dolphins are something I will never forget in my life.
    A moment really worth to be witnessed.
    Baci a tutti


  2. That sounds indeed so wonderful. Lucky timing!
    All the best

  3. Hello Suzie:
    We do so agree about moments such as you describe here. They are certainly very precious indeed and in a world where there is so little time to pause and reflect, even more so.

    We have discovered your most interesting blog having seen you in the sidebar of our dear friend Carol. How wonderful to live so very close to the sea in such a marvellous country. We envy you this from a landlocked Hungary!

    We have signed as Followers and will look forward to future posts.

  4. Hello Jane and Lance, welcome to my blog! I am pleased to hear you like it.

    To Yvalie: I removed the word checker for commenting. Hope it is easier now to comment. Thanks for the hint.