January 11, 2008

Happy New Year !

We are back in Beijing and left the jet lag behind.

I am busy working on an article about my friends house here in Beijing. The editor asked me to rework it and talk more about design and less about my friend... First, I thought that as a reader I would like to read about the people in home stories, - and second, I do not know how to write about design in that perfect way some of the blogging designers do. - The editor's key words are: "white, European, clean lines, modern, fun"

I am sharing today my favorite pics I did at my friends place:

And more can be find at my flickr photo set (I will leave it open to public view for a few days).

So what do you think? What is your first impression? What key words would you use?

When I have done that job, I will be back here to post some Palazzo Pizzo related before and after pictures!

You can read about the article in my Beijing blog here or the article itself in the magazine here, page 48 ff.


  1. Your friend is very talented! It is a beautiful home. I especially like the Dining Room.
    Words I would use: clarity, artfully edited, serene, contemporary with historical references. BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Hi Barb, Hi Katie,

    excellent! Love your support!
    THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!
    (I am glad that the blogging thing is useful from time to time.)

    I found out the real designer behind that space and asked about her concept: Joy of life.

    She designed the interior and furniture of the famous Green T. House in Beijing. I read the press review and found some inspiring wording too...