April 15, 2008

Pizzo Calabro - Spring Impressions

Old train station in Pizzo.

Since yesterday my parents are in Calabria for the first time. And they saw Pizzo and the house for the first time. I hope they like it.

Unfortunately the weather is not very spring like. It is rainy and fresh... I hope they will get some sunshine the next days, because everything looks so much friendlier when the sun shines on it!

It is not that the house and the location need to please my parents, but I would like to hear that they will come again - when the house is ready and the weather warmer.


  1. Spring or not it all looks so gorgeous.

  2. Hello Suzy,
    Nice to find your blog and wish you the best for your house renovation.

    I'd love to help with the wedding planning you mentioned below..but I live in Spain, alas. I used to work for a wedding planner when I lived in Paris. I'm a stationary/packaging and fashion accessories designer so I was in charge of creating exclusive cards and gift packaging according to the wedding theme. Feel free to contact me !

  3. Isn't it funny how the weather can shape your impression of a place? I have never liked Berlin, but I think that is mostly attributable to the fact that it was rainy and cold the few days I was there. I should probably go back. I remember other cities with much less to see much more favorably, probably just because of the weather. So I hope the sun comes out for your folks!

    And I hope the sun comes out and shines bright at this time next year too! I got the email from Pino and am working on a response. I also saw the offer above -- stationary seems to be the one thing we have covered from home! If only she had said that she was a professional in arranging chairs for a ceremony and finding the perfect musicians...

  4. Hi Di,
    I hope you will visit one day!
    PS: I really like your new picture.

    Hello my castle in spain,
    I told you Erica, will read the commments... thanks for your offer!

    Hi Erica,
    you are right about the sunshine and its influence on the impessions we get of a place.
    And things will work out great for your wedding - TODAY in ONE YEAR !!!

  5. You said my very first thought this morning. One year from today! I'll be waking up in Pizzo and marrying the man of my dreams. I'm so excited, even though I know there is so much to do!