June 25, 2008

No Special China

I did not do it.
Palazzo Pizzo will not have special china ware.

However, you asked me once to keep you posted what design I would choose.
So here (above) are my two favorites. I would have done 12 dinner plates for each version.

But as usual, I am doing things last second. The shop confirmed, they could do it in a few days and deliver tomorrow, so it could be packed in the container. But when I saw the draft that they send me via email... I thought, it is not the way we like it. It is too accurate. Hand painted though. Of course I could have gone back and explain again - or even go to the other store that develops a chop and print it for 1 kuai per plate. But I am running out of time now.

And maybe it is for the good. I was not really convinced to have special china ware for the house. Maybe I am also a bit tired of the house renovation at the moment. My head is not there right now. - But of course, I will be back soon in best form to blog again more. Especially when we start our summer holiday - close to the project (it is still not livable). I hope I will not be too disappointed about the slow progress. They are still working on the facade. Oh, I hope the architect will not feel offended... it is of course also due to our financial situation that things are slow... no money, no ho(use)ney...


  1. One some level I agree. Custom dinnerware seems too formal. Too matchy-matchy. It makes me think of a cruise line that boasts their name on the china, the napkins, the towels....

    I say go without.

  2. Thanks Franki!

    When I posted it, it was with "one eye smiling, one eye crying" - it doesn't look bad after all!

    But it is just NOT ME - having my "logo" everywhere... too formal. We are not a hotel - and IF we rent out the appartment one day, I worry, the china ware might disappear one by one...

  3. Have fun and don't worry about things like china. Just do the kind of decorating you enjoy! It's not the things, it's your joy and imagination that will make your new home embrace you.

  4. Where are you at the moment. I am confused???

  5. I have moved from China to Germany and will be soon on vacation in Italy!