August 26, 2009

the 20 something windows

We ordered 'non-bombato' window frames and got a 'bombato' (round) finish.

The craftsman claimed he never saw our detailed order.

That's also why some windows we ordered to be 'pivot-hung' are not 'pivot-hung'.

Lesson learned: always let the craftmen sign the details you want !

When I saw these windows for the first time (3 weeks ago), I lost my temper ...
For me this 'bombato' (round) finish of the window frames on the inside does not fit the square-cut finish of the window shutters as well as the square-cut finish of the window frames on the outside ! How can someone do a round finish when the rest is not ? 20 something windows ... impossible to think of an exchange.

I also did not like the window handle, this golden finish ... and all these hooks. But this was my husbands idea. It seems to be quiet common in Italy. And as we are here ...

After sleeping on this one night I went again to see the windows.
Well, they are not the end of the world ... but when you spend so much money it should suit your taste ... well, maybe dust cleaning will be easier ...

And while I shot the photos for the blog, a boat passed on the blue sea, deep down below the window.

Aaahh ! What a view ... what am I complaining about



  1. Yep you've got nothing to complain about a beautiful home by the sea, that seems like, really is a fantasy for some of us! Alas that's why I visit your blog...thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, with that kind of view you should sit back relax and do some deep breathing.