October 01, 2009

My Italian Wedding

Usually I am too shy and scared to publish private photos and info.
But let me do an exception today.

Today is our wedding anniversary.

Nine years ago, on September 30, 2000, I arrived with the above water taxi at the island of Torcello. Torcello is the oldest island in the lagoon of Venice. Unfortunately the weather changed over night and it rained cats and dogs.
"Aqua alta" (high water) urged me to make a big jump with my tight wedding dress before reaching the church.
This was the most scariest step I did that day.

In Italy they say : "matrimonio bagnato, matrimonio fortunato"
(wet wedding, happy wedding)
That's is probably one of the reasons our marriage is still happy.
The above photo is not the best photo in our album, but my favorite.

Today is not only my wedding anniverary - but also my father's birthday.
He walked me down the aile. Happy Birthday !

Oh, and while the guests where waiting for the bride in front of the church, my single German girl friend met my future husband's 4th degree Italian cousin, single as well at that time. The group pictures prove that they met early that day.
Needless to say that today they are happily married with a cute daughter.

And that's it.
Since here I am married !


  1. Happy Anniversary Suzie! Many Many Happy Returns. What a romantic wedding ... Venice! Rain and All. Lovely photos... You are exquisite! ... it is so sweet to see them... you look so happy... even hidden behind your veil... your smile is beaming! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great story and lovely photos! Happy anniversary!

  3. Thank you Ladies !

    It was a good idea to look at the old wedding album on our anniversary.

    My husband looks better today.
    And I gain weight....

    But the wedding dress would not fit anyway anymore. I gave it to my sister for her wedding and she had to alter the upper part.

  4. Happy, happy anniversary!

    Loved the showercurtain too, btw :)

  5. What a gorgeous wedding and dress! So romantic! And a handsome husband too. Just gorgeous! love love love this, and happy anniverary. cute shower curtain, too !!

  6. To Catherine and Cote de Texas :
    Grazie, thank you ! - The shower curtain is a very affordable (29 USD) "remodelling" !