October 29, 2009

Shopping in Venice: VENETIA STUDIUM

In the heart of Venice you might come across a little shop that has beautiful silk lamps, handbags and scarf, elegant velvet cushion covers and table runners in modern and oriental style. The shop windows always magically attracts me and my husband. And you can read the magic Roman letters : VENETIA STVDIVM - which is the Venetia Studium company that has several showrooms all near San Marco square.

Fortuny silk lamp "Cesendello" on the rod and silk scarves.
We like the style of the lamp, that is influenced like all the Venetia Studium products by the "history of Venice and its links to the Byzantium and the East".  However, we have no idea (yet) where to use it. Actually we look at this lamp as long as we visit Venice together, since over 13 years!

Scarves, shawls, handbags and cushion covers made of silk or velvet - and the elaborated glass lamp Saraceno.

Another Venetia Studium shop with similar window display ...

... and another shop specialised in cushion covers and table runners
Here my friend from Bangkok needs to shop for a friend in Thailand (that's why I saw all the shops!)

Little detail: I especially liked the typical Venetian terrazzo floor
(and the interesting Italian shoes of an Italian male)

PS: Venetia Studium has a showroom in London and selected products can be ordered online


  1. Those dapper Italian males! Thank you for taking us shopping with you. I adore Venice. Though last time I was there I forced my daughter awake at dawn so she could experience Saint Marks Square devoid of shoppers. Thank you, Trish

  2. Trish, you did right. San Marco is much more impressive and romantic without tourists. This can be at dawn or late at night - especially after rain when all the lights reflect on the piazza.

  3. Hi Suzie,
    I would love to buy those lamps. But I would need a palazzo to go with it first...

    Window shopping is so much fun!

    All the best,

  4. I have such fond memories of walking my son on a stroller at dawn... two of Venice police walking a discreet distance behind us through the narrow streets, teaching him Italian words... my voice and his echoing between the buildings as we walked.
    I don't know or remember how many times I have been to the magical city... i do know it's not enough ;-)

  5. I visited that shop in Venice and DIDN'T buy a lamp have regretted it ever since. I am however going to purchase one before I die it is a promise I have made myself. Not that I intend dying just yet so there's plenty time - I HOPE!

  6. Some good things need to wait for the right time.

    Di ! You are so funny !
    Yes plenty of time left - for me too, I hope (laughed about your post about m.p. recently)