October 27, 2009

Window Shopping in Venice

Window shopping is something I like to do - it is ispiring and joyful - and it does not cost much. Do you like to join me for a window shopping trip to Venice ?

Here we go :

illuminted lighting shop in Venice
See, the gondolier is waiting for us in the background ...

Venetian chandeliers made of Murano glass by Zanetti

a fancy shop at the end of Piazza San Marco
Can you see the red Murano glas chandelier ? (click on pic to enlarge)

Murano glass chandelier with a modern touch by Venini

Venini has a long history (since 1921 in Murano) and is famous for its modern classic style and great craftmen's skills

This shop in Mestre has more affordable products, and they are not less pretty

The pinkish Venetian chandelier is seducing, but ...

... these "Balon Venexian" caught my eyes - simply charming and affordable.
Maybe for the guestappartment's entrance that leads to the vaulted cellar?

And this artist shop caught my eyes too - love these baloons made of Murano glass !
Livio de Marchi is a Venetian artis who is famous for his carved sculptures.

Ferrari red pops up among grey and attracts the male shopper

A chair and a vase at Dolce& Gabbana ...
.... can't tell what I like better - the big stone vase with the tiny cactus is quiet interesting (having my terrace in mind)

Christmas decoration at D&G (12/2008) 
including reflections of Gucci 2m across the aley

Window shopping can be exhausting. I recommend an expresso or prosecco (anytime), cappuccino (before 11am), hot chocolat (in winter) or an aperitivo (before lunch or dinner) at Caffe Florian or Caffè Quadri, Piazza San Marco. If you feel you do not have to sit down, take your order at the bar and save some Euros. However, after a window shopping tour we can afford to sit down, right ?! Salute !

(Photo source: Palazzo Pizzo blog, all rights reserved)

Thanks to Anita from 1richtungsblog who featured photos of our renovation project and an interview with me last week, I have received many more readers from Germany than usually. To welcome them and also just for fun I wrote a post in German language, my mother tongue. This was just a one time experiment as I do not want to loose any subscribers !!! And my German readers seem to not mind English. - Welcome back !


  1. Hi, Suzie! Thanks so much for pointing me to this post! There is nothing I would like better than to go to Venezia and select a replacement chandelier! As my chandelier was very special to me I am considering getting something entirely different so I don't have a sad reminder. But one day, I will definitely make a return trip to Venezia (it's one of my favorite places!) and maybe by then I will be ready to buy another Murano. :) Thank you so much for taking us along on your fabulous shopping trip!

  2. What fun Suzie! Window shopping in Venice... I had never thought of that when dreaming of living there... but it is very affordable. Carol

  3. What a fabulous post. I have added a Murano Glass Balloon to my list now.

  4. Love your blog. Take me window shopping in Venice or anywhere in Italy!!!!
    Your blog is a dream come true for me!!!!!

  5. Love your blog!!! Take me window shopping in Venice or any where in Italy anytime.
    Your blog is a dream come true!!!
    Give me more!!!!!

  6. Love your blog!!! Take me window shopping in Venice or any where in Italy anytime.
    Your blog is a dream come true!!!
    Give me more!!!!!