April 12, 2010

fresh colours for kitchen and fridge

still thinking...
son's favorite is the no. 1 pic
husband's favorite is no. 2 pic
I like no. 2 and no. 3 (and 4).

I learned that the smeg fridge needs to be in a different colour than the rest to stand out.

Like this:

or this:


  1. I disagree.
    The red fridge in that white kitchen looks like they had bought a white one originally, but that one broke down and they had to buy a new one really fast. Unfortunately, the only one in right size was red.
    That's what it looks like in my opinion.
    But I agree, a white kitchen would be boring. Some colours are needed.

  2. That is an interesting story for that picture. I never thought about it that way.

    But there is a red chair ... so I think they did it on purpose.

    But red would not fit into my 'concept' of a blue and white beach theme. Even the blue fridge would not look that great. (Reminds me of your story).

    However the tricolore (Italian flag) fridge is like some fun item. But still not match my 'theme'.

    Still thinking...

  3. Suzie,
    Knowing somewhat what your house looks like, I strongly vote for 4. The way the color is somewhat spread through the room answers the point made by Michelle. I'm in love with turquoise right now tho, so I may not be thinking straight.

  4. I just relised, I never posted the result... at least not here.
    We ended up with a light blue one (celeste). And I never really liked it. The rest of the kitchenette is in 'panna' (off white or crème). So we later moved the fridge in the guest residence where it is now in the red kitchen (not really matching either) and bought a smaller Smeg in 'panna' (off white) matching the small kitchenette. Much better!
    I wonder if the light blue fridge will be moved again ;-).