September 13, 2010

The bathtub from China

This bathtub came all the way from China (via Germany) to South Italy. The price justified the shipment. But we probably forgot to buy some special accessory (tubes) that cost in Italy almost the same money we paid for the whole bath tub. I guess, I need to visit Beijing soon, not only to catch up with old friends but also to buy some hard ware for the bathtub.

PS: the voting for 'how to lay the parquet' is closing soon. I think we have a winner: version C (the mix). 


  1. It is fabulous. Hopefully NOT like Ikea where you get it partially installed to find you are missing some bits.

    Your bathroom is huge...a fabulous space.

  2. wow, I have not visited your blog in a while... and come back to find you have come so far! Congratulations. Can't wait to see it continue!

  3. It is amazing how fast all the things come together now. What a fun thing to finally unpack the treasures you have bought in China such a long time ago.
    The tub fits in perfectly.

  4. Actually, today, I got an email from Angelo showing a picture with the missing tube... he found it in the very last box he unpacked. Also all faucets were found.

    No need to return to China for shopping - at least not for bathrooms!