September 23, 2010

Mesmerising Bathroom

I am staring at these pictures... and I feel mesmerised... The sinks are mounted with their beautiful chrome stands. When you look at the floor, these big round blue circles ... do they try to hypnotize you too ??

"water proofing"


  1. I am so in love with this bathroom. The tiles are so gorgeous and so bold and beautiful. I am using the same sink in my bathroom project, I am excited to see it in my room.

    You really captured a wonderful sense of movement and rhythmn with the element of great design.

  2. great sinks and stands and brave tile job that really works well done!un

  3. Those sinks go so well with the gorgeous tiles. Great choice!

  4. To Concrete Jungle:
    you are right that this bathroom is the opposite of your concrete style bathroom. However imagine these kind of tiles with lots of concrete! It would make a great contrast.