November 20, 2010

Pizzo Calabro: Harbour Progress (November 2010)

In the last couple of days the excavation work at La Seggiola Bay in Pizzo has progressed rapidly. The work was interrupted for a few months after some resident (or residents?) had been suing the commune to protest against the planned harbour.

The photos below are taken from our balcony:

And at the end the project should look like this:

Pizzo Calabro will have a small yacht harbour and a grotto to visit by boat. If the works continue with no more major interruption, it will be ready for summer 2011. The bigger yacht harbour, however, is still at Vibo Marina, 4 km further South, where yachts have their last pit stop before going to the Eolie Islands. Another yacht harbour, about 25 km further down the coast line, is in Tropea.
If you are interested in further updates, click label Harbour Project
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  1. Looks like once it is finished no one will be able to remember what life was like before. People just don't like change....will you be there next summer? I'm green already!

  2. Why are people so adverse to change, it looks beautiful in the last photo.

  3. oh, that will be a wonderful addition to the area... plus, it will be so handy for when i'm yachting by. we can do lunch! ;)

  4. Oh, yes, please drop by ! You also can come up for an aperitivo !!!
    Maybe one day an elevator will be in place... (acutally there is one around the corner, but not working yet, for some funny reason)

    Ciao tutti, I forgot to tell you something important about the rock:

    Look at the last picture, you see the rock... well the waves used to break at that rock, and when my husband was still a kid he could go by boat close to the rock and into the grotta.

    But over times the water washes out stone. And so, the strong waves, especially in winter, were taking too much from the rock.
    The commune decided then to protect the coast by adding tons of sand and stones. For decades it was unused space. Garbage was thrown there and fishermen parked their cars. Now they build a promenade and bring back the water, but not the strong waves. And I hope too, that the excavation will not harm our solid rock!