February 22, 2011

flooring progress at primo piano and other plans

primo piano corridorio
with entrance to the red bathroom (front left), further kids room and tiny bathroom (far end)

sunshine from the piazza comes in via a small balcony

barrier-free flooring thanks to perfect pavement

the stair rail painted white with refurbished wooden hand grip
stairs are leading down to main entrance (with apricot coloured walls)

Before Angelo left Pizzo to meet us for a skiing holiday in the Swiss Alps he sent me these pics that I just found after our return. He is driving down to Pizzo these days to continue the flooring and painting.

We, husband, son and I, have scheduled our next visit to the South of Italy for April in order to decide on kitchens and other items. Maybe we even have to include a trip to Sicily for the nearest and newest Ikea outlet, opening March 9 in Catania. It's a 3 hours drive "only". (So far the next Ikea is located in Bari, a 4 1/2 hours drive). However, we probably could find everything we need in the region between Vibo Valentia, Filadelfia, Maida and Lamezia. But still, Ikea is known for fair quality and good prices and if they deliver to our door step, we consider buying mattresses, kitchen parts and other items there.


  1. When will you be there? I had emailed with you two years ago (we got married in Pizzo). I've started my own blog since then. Anyway, we don't have our tickets yet but I think we'll be in Pizzo the night of April 20 and/or 21, and maybe again later in the month.

  2. ah, i love the sunshine streaming across the wooden floors. now it officially looks like "home." :)

    have fun in april! jealous of your sunshine...

    {we were supposed to go to thailand, but are told it's not a great time to head to bangkok? ugh. looking for a back up option now...}

  3. To Apiring Kenndey: what do you mean : "not a great time to head to Bangkok"? Politicalwise no problem at all, wheatherwise it can't get much cooler, only hotter. Rainy Season started already, but not much rain, evening or night only.

    And yes, the flooring makes it look homelike !

  4. To Carina: yes, we can meet for gelato in Piazza, I will be there!

  5. Even though I was at first against this direction-change of the parquet, I HAVE to say that it looks really good!