May 26, 2011

The Living Room is Coming

living area flooring done

The installation of the parquet (natural oak) is done for the piano terra (ground floor). Angelo handled it all by himself, day by day. Last night he sent me the picture with sofas without legs.

I just replied that the wooden flooring looks fantastic. Sofas look a bit bulky for our small living area ;-) and not too bad without legs. But legs can be found in the white Santa Fe tool box in the yellow guest room. It is coming along!


  1. your father in law fits his name perfectly, Angel with an are so very blessed to have him...but you are also to commended on being such a wonderful daughter in law...i love the way you have put your trust in him, and that is why this whole project 'palazzo pizzo' is coming together so beautifully...kudos to you and angelo...

  2. Dear Liz,

    thanks for your sweet comment!
    And a compliment for me too!!

    "angel" in Italian language is actually "Angelo".
    Yes, he can ! ;-)

    I had not much choice but let him do, in the beginning, but with the painting jobs over time, he developed a feeling for the right colour and what could suit the house and what we would like.

    And without our daily use of the internet we would not be able to communicate so efficiently.