May 03, 2012

The Guest Residence is coming along

The guest residence - as we do call our seminterrato with the high vaulted stone ceilings - is coming along. It is a very charming apartment with private garden terrace and stunning sea views. And it is ready to be tested:
Palazzo Pizzo Guest Residence
Who will do the test sleep on the new mattress ?
And who will test the rain shower under the vaulted ceiling with sea view?

For sure, we will test the gas stove and brew a coffee ... 
 ... and test the morning sun in the garden – and there we might notice, that a garden chair or stone bench is still missing.

We came a long, long way!

vaulted cellar before renovation, August 2006

Before and After, compare these photographs! - Stunning!
This is mainly Angelo's work, my father-in-law, who was working here hundreds of hours. How he preserved the stone walls and ceilings, how he elevated and insulated the floor, what special techniques and material he used, needs to be posted in another story.
But now, since everything is so pretty (and after another repaint of the walls), CC and I would love to welcome guests. We would like to host not only friends and family but also travelers who are looking for some peaceful days in a small sea side village to rest from their travels.
So this is my new project, to find out how to implement accommodation availability checks on my blog and credit card payments. In the meantime, if you are interested to become a test sleeper between July 7 and July 28, please contact me via email at writing(dot)suzie(at)yahoo(dot)com and check what can be arranged.
For further information go to Guest Residence Page or read the about the renovation.
more pics:


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I know your eye is infallible, but
    couldn't the refrigerator have switched with the table in the kitchen?
    (A designer to designer question)

  2. Hi Diana, very good point! I totally agree.
    And if you might have noticed, this is the blue fridge from the attic. It was too big up there. I asked Angelo to moved it down here, but it is still too big ;-)
    The table was replaced by Angelo. Maybe for the pic?
    In my opinion the table will either be next to the fridge, or more in front, along the wall.
    For the fridge however, it will be difficult to squeeze in the corner of the balcony. We have to try. Or exchange fridge with the attic again.

  3. Wow, it really looks inviting. I'm sure you'll have happy testers!
    As a very small person I think the "invisible" chairs don't match the table, cuz the table is pretty high. We small people have these kind of problems. ;-)

  4. My bags are packed...
    I am ready to be the tester of all that gorgeousness....
    What a beautiful place. I am sure you will delight many guest with this incredible space that you have created...Great job!!!
    And hopefully one day I will be able to enjoy all that it offers!

  5. To Michelle: I might be the happy tester! Or our visiting friends. Or maybe we will be even able to rent before the friends come, let's see.

    The chair's seating height is 45 cm. But the antique table is a bit higher than standard. However, the proportions are much better than what we have in our dining area. The temporary table we have from Angelo is far too high for our old chairs. But upholstery will do its work. And I could also make colorful cushions for the residence, so people who want to sit on something warmer than plastic would also sit higher :-)