April 04, 2013

Painting Progress

I finished the third bird. These happy paintings make me quiet proud. That's why the "cock on orange" and the two brothers, "number I" and "number II" get their own blog post to show off a bit:

oil, acrylic and decoupage on canvas
(2013) 40 x 50 cm

oil and acrylic on canvas (2013) 40 x 50 cm

oil and acrylic on canvas (2013) 40 x 50 cm

My next project is already in the making. After I proofed myself that I can draw and paint, I am tying to get into the abstract painting, kind of Pop Art. Never thought it will be more difficult than "normal" painting. For the "normal" painting, like above, you need craftsmen skills. But for "abstract" art, you need more than that. You need the right "vision", and a feeling for composition and colour. Exciting to dive deeper!

If you like my paintings, you might want to check out my Flickr "ART GALLERY" - Thank you!


  1. What fun colors! Your cock on orange has a bit of an angry eye. ;>) Enjoy the dive!

    1. Dear Carol,
      You are right. He looks naughty, a bit angry too. Maybe the wedding ring bothers him? ;-)
      Thanks for visiting!

  2. These are incredibly beautiful - such vibrant, yet still deep colours - and the whole painting has such a life to it. You have captured their expressions, the rooster looks a bit suspicious of the viewer and the parrots look so curious, as they do in real life.

    1. Dear Glamour Drops, thank you very much for your close observation and comment. I am pleased to hear, you like the paintings!